Man eats five pot brownies, slaps monkey!

Beaver Creek, Florida.  There’s an ongoing manhunt for a wanted Florida man. Police say at this time they are seeking 47yr old, Raymond Burnside, for further questioning related to possible early morning assault on monkey. Also, to check availability of more brownies.

Apparently, neighbors alleged, early this morning they heard strange noises coming from Raymond’s house and, without any further discernment, immediately called the police. Upon arrival police found a sleeping pet monkey and a plate on the coffee table, with what appeared to be some crumbs and remnants of marijuana brownies. The monkey was brought downtown for further questioning.

Police say at this time there is nothing to be alarmed about. Mr. Burnside,


is unarmed and doesn’t have a history of violence,  despite what the monkey says.

DEA chief, Rosemburg, was later quoted as saying, “I told you this marijuana was dangerous!  What’s next, chicken choking? We will put every man on the case, spare no tax dollar!”

Motion In Opposition

I imagine a single point of opposition, that immediately moves to reposition, now taking flight an audible submission, an infinate fracteled composition.                                                               
All this noise has dimmed our position, but making it back to you is my only ambition. So, I free my spirit from absolution, vibrate and spin a liquid solution.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       How can this vapor of light look so perfectly right…so solid in form…my desires reborn.

She says, “Ohhhh baby A ommmmm We’re just love of One transmission, split into motions in opposition”.

I draw back in my still perfection, sending my thought in the reverse direction, three-hundred-sixty of the ninth progression.

All this noise has dimmed our position, but my only desire is spinning with you, motions in opposition. 
By Jon Paul Gilbert


Art, made available public domain by Google.

Yoga with Dylan @ Zen Garden, Panama City Beach, Florida

Welcome all traveling to the Panama City Beach, Fl area and all locals as well! Dylan Gilbert,, is now teaching at the wonderful Zen Garden & Lotus cafe. We would love to see you there!



Please click below for more information about Dylan.
About Dylan


Panama City Beach, Florida



Watch “Michael Tsarion – Moral High Ground & The Shadow (Body) Work, Martial Arts” on YouTube

Excellent lecture. 

Watch “Bigger than Flat Earth. Must Watch! Marijuana is the Christ.” on YouTube

I have emulsified just about everything imaginable except the whole cannabis plant. I swear by the super greens and hemp protein mixed into my smoothies.  and can only imagine how awesome it would be to mix in the whole plant. Maybe thee magic elixir?


Law of Attraction Expert! Watch “Jessica’s “Daily Affirmation”” on YouTube


Watch this powerful, Law of Attraction expert make her daily affirmation.

Try this for 30 days and see the miracles! Notice the emotion she puts into her affirmations  — Pretty sure she means it! Try it! Bring forth your inner child and put that energy into motion!

I attract abundance~I am happy~I like everything~I can do anything! Just awesome! Thanks for the reminder,  Jessica! Thank you for sharing!


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